Strategic Joint Ventures for Clients

Alcon Labs / Nestlé : Jardine Pacific
following Nestlé acquisition, Alcon leadership understood its new parent was anxious to witness Alcon business expansion into Asia-Pacific. Classical organic growth in Asia-Pacific has historically proven slow, expensive and even risky for established corporations. With only minor seed capital, Alcon could oversee comparatively simple localized product formulation, and leverage a partner entity's estabished positioning, infrastructure and fully integrated distribution spanning several countries. Alcon was able to swifty ramp-up over $300 Million in early stage revenue. This work saved Alcon Labs / Nestlé an 8-figure capital spend. Brand recognition also emerged with traction in a fraction of the time & cost internally projected. Today Alcon is again independently financed having been spun-off by Nestlé at 4 times its prior size